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The following is an excerpt from ‘How To Get Control Of Your Stress’ by The Stress Master-Ches Moulton, scheduled for release April 30, 2021 on Amazon, worldwide. Pre-order you copy now by clicking the book cover.

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If you have a passion for what you do in your life and in your workplace this book is for you. If you are frustrated with your performance and want more satisfactory outcomes, this book is for you. If you understand your need to have a simple and effective stress management plan to help you as an individual and a leader, this book is for you.

You won’t need any medical or herbal supplements. But if you’ve already been prescribed medication for stress, anxiety or depression by your GP, Do Not Stop Taking It. Consult with your doctor for further guidance. You won’t need to buy any pot plants or anything of the kind. And you’re definitely not going to have to go on some strange diet. In fact when you diet, don’t you often become even more stressed? So no, you won’t need to change your eating habits. In short, I want you to have a better understanding of why you have stress and what you can do to keep from getting more. And, most importantly, reduce the unacceptable levels of stress you have now. Throughout this book you’ll learn the truth about stress. I’ll help you identify it and suggest some things you can do to alleviate some of it.


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