Needs vs Wants

Hello, I’m The Stress Master, 

My name is Ches Moulton.

The concept of wants vs needs is generally applied to a company in pursuit of goal attainment. Consideration must be given to the wants and needs of individuals within the organisational structure and the way that is addressed can have a huge impact on the stress levels of the employees and therefore the collective stress level of the organisation

In this video I’m going to reveal the four questions you must answer that will set you on a path to getting a grip on your own stress as well as that of the “group stress” existing within your organisation.

Hello, I’m The Stress Master, 

My name is Ches Moulton.

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In the workplace, wants and needs play a critical role in setting priorities.  Clarity of wants vs. needs helps with a variety of business decisions typically related to revenue, profit and loss and there are many preferences, demands, and pressures to contend with. 

Organisations that fail to meet these can quickly fall out of favour with employees, customers and suppliers. While financial consideration is at or near the top of most peoples list of requirements, money is not everything. Certain basic needs are essential for happiness, both in one’s personal and professional life. 

How does this tie into work-life balance? During job search, or the review process (if you are currently employed) it is important to consider and enquire of the following.

  • What is the workplace atmosphere like between co-workers?
  • What sort of professional development opportunities exist?
  • What are some benchmarks for success for the first six months and first year?
  • Thinking back to people who have been in this position previously, what differentiated the ones who were good from the ones who were really great?

Where do these needs fit for you?  Is it time to explore options to find a way to better meet this need and take action? The highest priority, must be placed on needs that are consistent with people who favour work-life balance.

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Here’s to mastering your stress. 

My name is Ches Moulton and I’m The Stress Master

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