3 Great Tips to Resolve Stress

Managing stress is going to be a lifeline as we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic and into what will represent the “New Normal” In this video I’m going to explain 3 Great Ways to Resolve Stress and improve the quality of your life

Hello, I’m The Stress Master, 

My name is Ches Moulton.

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It’s important to come to an understanding of what you can control and what you cannot.

Let’s examine how you can can  control yourself…first you must have a sense of what and who you are..

Essentially all you do…each and every day are only 3 things.

You think

You feel…and 

You behave…and behaviour can be sub-divided into actions and reactions

on the other side of the chart are the 3 things that describe planet earth…



Things…or stuff, as some would call it.

It’s how you think, feel and behave in relation to people, places and things that dictates the quality of your life…the level of your stress.

So as you now become more self aware and contemplate your thoughts, feelings and behaviour you gain more control over yourself…as only you can. 

It is important to understand that what we focus on, we energise. 

The more you continue to think about the factors that cause your stress, the more energy you give it. 

So it is vital to let go and focus on the solution. 

It’s your choice. You could either continue to think, feel and behave in the same way, or you could choose to improve your life through change.

Here are 3 things you can do to make gains

  1. Identify why you feel stressed and uneasy. Make a list of your stressful experiences and deal with the issues that you can change. 

2. Remind yourself that the stressful event will end soon and seek to discover the positive side of the situation.

and …3. Identify patterns. What triggers your stress? Is it your environment, certain people with whom you interact, or is it an event or series of events?

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Here’s to mastering your stress. 

My name is Ches Moulton and I’m The Stress Master

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