Achievement Motivation and Stress

Most Employers understand they need to provide a work environment that creates motivation in people. However, many employers fail to grasp the significance of motivation as a necessary component in accomplishing their mission and vision. 

In this video I’ll explain the importance of the skill associated with having good conversations and your stress level.

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My name is Ches Moulton.

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Even when they understand the importance of motivation, many employers often lack the skill and knowledge to provide a work environment that stimulates employee motivation.

Employers must learn how to motivate their staff. Creating an environment in which employees feel motivated about their occupation, involves both intrinsically satisfying and extrinsically encouraging factors. 

Employee motivation derives from a combination of fulfilled needs and expectations about the assigned tasks and the overall environment. These variables make motivating employees challenging.

But…motivated employees are happy employees…and happy employees are less stressed employees… and less stressed employees are productive employees

Here are nine factors that are present in a work environment that many employees find motivating.

  1. Doing work that is fulfilling and makes a positive impact on someones life.
  2. Management and leadership actions that empower employees.
  3. Transparent and regular communication about issues important to employees.
  4. Treating employees with respect.
  5. Providing regular employee recognition.
  6. Feedback and coaching from managers and leaders.
  7. Above industry-average benefits and compensation.
  8. Providing employee perks and company activities.
  9. Positively managing employees within a success framework of goals, measurements, and clear expectations.

So…What’s  in your work environment that motivates you?

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