How Stress Can Be A Rose by Another Name

In the digital age, many people receive information from sources without ever requesting it…and other times are encouraged to absorb information that may or may not apply to their circumstances

In this video I’ll talk about how some people have a very different view of their circumstances than reality allows for and how that has impacted their level of stress.

Hello, I’m The Stress Master, 

My name is Ches Moulton.

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Throughout my career, I’ve found most clients have a good grip on their symptoms and the affect they have on themself and others. In the age of connectedness, the rapidity and access to widespread information on any topic that one wishes to reference or explore, has empowered the individual who cares, to acquire information pertaining to what impacts their quality of life. I find myself less and less amazed at the insight many of my clients have when proceeding through the consultation and discovery session.

However, some clients present themselves for coaching or therapy with many preconceived ideas as to how and why they became the person they are with the issues they have. They bring with them a lot of information. Some of the details are indeed facts, while sadly much of it is inaccurate. Information may have been obtained from their experiences, other people, media commentators or other means associated with lay psychology and therapeutic methods of treatment.

These well meaning clients are simply a joy to work with. By the very fact of having made an appointment for a consultation they are seeking change in their life and are therefore already engaged in the process. It bears little impact that they may upon further inspection have a mistaken or misguided sense of what has brought them to the point in life in which they find themself.

They are through all of it, only interested in one thing…Results!

What methods do you use to inform yourself about who you are and how you became that way?

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My name is  Ches Moulton and I’m The Stress Master

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