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Toxic Nourishment and the effects it has on your ability to control your stress In this video I’m going to explain the importance of getting your needs met in relationships can have on your level of stress.

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One of our human traits the desire to belong, begins at birth and caters to our most basic need. Nourishment: 

Physical, satisfied by consuming food. 

Emotional, satisfied by a tactile response of being held or touched.

We then embody a sense of acceptance and belonging. We feel confident. We’re attached to others who care about us and will be our providers. This in turn provides a positive sense of self, leading to a sense of positive self-esteem, faith in our abilities and competency as an individual.

Our inclination is to be important to someone, to really matter. We need to know there is a person who loves us unconditionally. Lack of unconditional love causes stress.

Denied this sense of self, we develop fears and a sense of being abandoned. We feel alone, detached from our needs. Often, we begin to fear we are lacking, are not good enough and will never experience emotional intimacy. We become despaired, feel depressed and develop further stressful feelings. We act out our thoughts and feelings. 

Alas, we act out in inappropriate ways with negative consequences providing a false sense of fulfilment.

Dysfunctional relationships are formed and people with varying needs either become the willing or unwilling predator or the willing or unwilling victim.

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