Stop Ignoring Your Own Needs and Wants

Have you been brought up to be invisible? 

In this video I reveal a six step plan designed to help you be heard and validated in a safe an secure way that will help you get control of your stress.

Hello, I’m The Stress Master, 

My name is Ches Moulton.

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Some people have been taught to be very tuned into others’ feelings and needs, but to never have any of their own. Some dysfunctional family structures make it clear, that some members have been allocated with the job of ‘giving’, but to never expect anything in return. As a result, some people have learned to be totally tuned out to their own feelings and needs.

Many people may have learned to be invisible – to themselves and others.

Here are 6 ways of self-care;

1. Speak up for yourself, when you feel discounted or unseen or unheard by others.

2. Affirm your own feelings and needs in deference to others.

3.  Learn how to set a goal and take action to get what you need and want.

4. Voice your opinions and listen to those of others.

5. Show pride in your accomplishments.

6. Share with another person when you are feeling lonely or sad.

Do you often end up feeling unappreciated, unseen, not valued? How much of this is a reflection of programming and how you treat yourself?

If you have been invisible for a long time, it is a real challenge to start caring about yourself.

It takes great courage to shift from invisibility to being seen and valued. It takes great courage to be willing to lose others rather than continue to lose yourself.

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Here’s to mastering your stress. 

My name is Ches Moulton and I’m The Stress Master

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