Sixteen thousand…

Sixteen thousand… 1

…that’s how many words we speak, on average, each day. So imagine how many unspoken word navigate their way through our minds. Many of them are not related to anything factual but are instead, evaluations and judgments related to our emotions—some positive and helpful…’I’ve worked hard and I’m certain I can ace this proposal’; ‘This […]

New Year Resolutions, Mental Health & Carl Jung

New Year Resolutions, Mental Health & Carl Jung 2

  At the beginning of every year, we become inundated with self-help articles offering advice on how to start anew and change direction to accomplish a variety of goals. This comes as no surprise. We’re in the midst of an historic mental health crisis, fueled by unrelenting uncertainty and a loss of physical connection with […]

Empty Seat Syndrome

Empty Seat Syndrome 3

The Cost of Stress in Your Organisation & What To Do About It  Notwithstanding the recent global pandemic, Stress has been dubbed “the health crisis of the twenty-first century” by the World Health Organisation. The emphasis on this is even greater, because of the pandemic, for all the reasons we can imagine and some we […]