Zebras and Stress

Zebras and Stress 1

Zebras are one of the most decisive animals. Everything is black or white. No grey areas. Indecision leads to elevated levels of stress. Why can’t humans be like Zebras? Several things stop us humans from being decisive. Each of them has a solution. • Lacking effective decision-making skills • Lack of confidence or lack of […]

Wellness in the Workforce: Who Is Responsible—Employer or Employee?

Wellness in the Workforce: Who Is Responsible—Employer or Employee? 2

There is a lot of noise around the topic of how to help workers manage their stress , become healthier and thus more productive. But the question of who is responsible for worker health always comes up. Is it up to the employee or the employer to make sure that the worker is healthy mentally, […]

How Toxic Personalities Create Stress In The Workplace

How Toxic Personalities Create Stress In The Workplace 3

Who has not encountered a less-than-desirable “personality” in the workplace? If you have not encountered this opportunity, wait. It will arrive. And the good news is that you can choose how to deal with it proactively. You can adopt the approach of a thoughtful professional who once said, “I’m thankful for all the difficult people […]

Stress: What it is and where it comes from

Stress: What it is and where it comes from 5

It’s time you knew about the kind of stress that’s holding you back from getting where you want to be and how to deal with it. For far too long, I’ve seen and read so many clueless and often harmful approaches to what so- called ‘experts’ out there say about ‘getting rid of stress.’ Crazy […]

Stress vs burnout – What’s the difference?

Stress vs burnout - What's the difference? 6

The big difference between the two and the signs to look out for according to a certified stress management consultant When we feel exhausted, it is important to distinguish between stress and burnout, as we often disregard our symptoms and emotions in the hope that they will pass. But burnout is a serious issue, one […]

OCD’s – Phobias & Stress

OCD's - Phobias & Stress 7

Today, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in society, afflicting a wide cross section of people. The nature of these disorders seems to reflect the landscape of worry and stress in 21st-century life, and the key word is STRESS! Stress is at the root of all anxieties. The top stressors in this era […]

Stress and Work-Life Balance

Stress and Work-Life Balance 8

The old model of work-life balance, that spoke to the division of time and effort between career and recreation, has been outdated and somewhat irrelevant for many years. The model that champions the vision of this formula in the 21st century, while including time spent in leisure and recreational activities, has become more about the […]

Corporate Stress Solutions

Corporate Stress Solutions 9

The journey out of post pandemic lockdown through the current economic climate has contributed in a large way to the manner in which many people perceive their chances of advancement and, in many cases, just maintaining their current position, which is a job. In this blog post, I will identify the causes of workplace stress […]

A Formula For Stress

A Formula For Stress 10

Do you have a “one plan suits all occasions” approach for everything? Do you lose confidence when different situations produce varying results? Do you prepare for life and business with one plan, and expect the same results because you implement the same plan? A formula for stress is often the only equation many people know, […]

A Brief History of Stress

A Brief History of Stress 11

Believe it or not, you have stress in your life for a good reason. To understand why stress can be a useful, adaptive response, and often…a life saving mechanism… take a trip back in time. Historic Jungle Stress Imagine this: You’ve gone back in time to a period thousands of years ago when everyone lived […]